Why Fine Dining Is Important Still

In today’s ever-changing and fast-paced society, there is still a place for fine dining. Of course, casual dining will often suit your purposes just fine. However, when you enjoy a fine dining experience at an outstanding restaurant, you will then discover what dining out really means. 

We dine out at fine restaurants in order to celebrate special occasions. There are many reasons to celebrate including retirements, promotions, anniversaries, and birthdays. 

We dine out for the exceptional experience that it has to offer. When you arrive at a fine restaurant, you feel important. Hopefully, you made reservations in advance and your table is ready and waiting for you.  Your host will escort you to your table, and maybe place a napkin on your lap, while handing you the menu. You are often welcome to the restaurant as a special guest – which you most certainly are. You will be provided with a wine menu and a sommelier may stop by to help you choose a wine based on what you are ordering.

You are provided with impeccable service. You won’t need to wait a long time for your server to arrive at your table, to tell you about the nightly specials. Your server will be able to answer whatever questions you have. They will have tried out most or all of the dishes that are on the menu, including the nightly specials. Your server will provide you with sparkling or still water and perhaps a basket of bread.  

You are served the first course. You admire how beautifully prepared the dishes are that could never come from your kitchen. The aromas and flavors enhance the visual splendor. Your wine is decanted and ceremoniously served to you. You are able to relax and completely enjoy the wine that has been paired expertly with your meal. 

You need to be an active participant to fully enjoy your fine dining experience. The restaurant that you have selected will do everything they possibly can to provide you with a special and memorable experience. They have considered the smells, the sounds, the lighting, all of the small details that you might not notice. The shape of your cutlery. The way they plate your meal. 

That is why it is important for you to do whatever you can to help enhance your experience. Dress for the occasion. You won’t be able to truly enjoy everything the restaurant has to offer if you wear your regular casual clothes. When you dress appropriately, it shows the restaurant that you are prepared to enjoy the entire experience. 

There are other manners that are also important. Of course, there are regular manners such as not putting your elbows on the table, and chewing with a closed mouth. New manners that are now part of our society include turning off your phone and putting it away.  You want your dining companion who is sitting across the table from you to feel special throughout the experience also. If you feel the need to take a photo for social media, be sure to not disturb the other diners. 

We are all busy these days. Our society runs on a 24/7 basis. This doesn’t mean you cannot take a couple of hours out of your busy day and slow down so that you can enjoy an outstanding meal. Learning to enjoy a good meal at a fine dining restaurant will help you understand why there is still an important place for fine dining these days.