Interesting facts about the Italian cuisine and customs

Most people across the world are conversant with Italian food, as well as the different versions of it that have come up in different other countries. However, there are a few things about Italian cuisine that have changed as the food crossed borders and interacted with other cultures and customs. In this post, we shall discuss some of the most interesting facts about Italian food that you might have not known before.

Let’s delve in!

There’s no Italian wedding soup in Italy

Well, we can’t trace the origin of this dish, but it’s most likely that it came from a mixture of American and Italian cuisine. If you’ve never heard of the Italian wedding soup, it consists of meat, vegetables, and stock. And, although it’s a mouthwatering soup, if you were to order for the soup in Italy, you’d be surprised that it doesn’t exist.

There’s not much use of garlic in Italian cuisine

While garlic bread seems to be a staple in most restaurants across the world, it can be a challenge to find it in Italy. This bread is typically served plain, and not saturated in garlic butter. There’s one rule that’s followed in Italian cuisine when it comes to flavor and seasoning—less is enough. Italians depend on a mixture of fresh and flavorful ingredients when making their dishes.

Italians don’t drink cappuccino the way you think

The rising of coffee shops across the world with elegant Italian-sounding coffees has misled a lot of people. What you should understand is that there’s one rule in Italy—coffee is reserved for breakfast only. Thus, you can never find an Italian ordering for a cappuccino past 11 am. In case it’s post-meal coffee, they will order an espresso.

The Italian cuisine doesn’t have a spaghetti and meatballs menu

Spaghetti is one of the most renowned Italian dishes across the world. And, there’s a chance that you’ve ordered spaghetti and meatballs at some point in life. However, it’s important to note that this is not an authentic dish in Italian cuisine. Interestingly, you will not find most pasta dishes in Italian cuisine topped with meat. And, while we are talking about pasta and meat, you will never see chicken atop pasta in Italian cuisine, since chicken is not as popular as you think.

Bread isn’t an appetizer

If you ever get into an Italian restaurant, place your orders only to get a basket of bread before your main meal is served, never touch that bread. In Italian cuisine, bread is used to clean the extra sauce that remains on your plate after eating. So, if you want to enjoy an authentic Italian dining experience, save the bread and enjoy your sauce with it. In Italy, this is referred to as ‘Fare la Scarpetta.’

Never walk while eating

While this might seem ok in most countries, walking while eating in Italy is considered rude. Someone spent their time and effort preparing that meal for you to enjoy—something you cannot do if you are concerned about where you should be next. Now, this connects very well with the general mentality towards food in Italy—always take your time to enjoy your meal with family and friends, make jokes, and relax.

An authentic Italian pizza is very simple

Most people have a misconception about authentic Italian pizza. An authentic Italian pizza has a thin crust—the thicker, spongy crust variety was not invented in Italy. Also, the toppings are more basic than what’s used in England or America—Italians use Margherita. Also, pizza isn’t something that you’d just order in an Italian restaurant—just go to a pizzeria if you want a pizza. You can enjoy italian pizza in Orlando Florida.