Viajes a Marruecos

¿Está buscando una empresa de excursiones para organizar sus viajes a Marruecos? ¿Una compañía de viajes a Marruecos que puede adaptar su viaje al desierto del Sahara para que se adapte a la longitud deseada, los puntos de interés y su presupuesto? Has venido al lugar correcto, nuestro principal objetivo es ofrecerte una experiencia para viajar a Marruecos y descubrir la verdadera naturaleza del reino. 

Las excursiones por el desierto de Marruecos son realmente una de las más destacadas entre los puntos de los centros de viajes situados topográficamente y son un lugar sumamente atractivo en el mundo de los viajes. Nuestras principales excursiones por el desierto de Marruecos pueden partir de Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca y Agadir, y también pueden combinarse con visitas a las ciudades imperiales de Marruecos, las montañas del Atlas o la costa atlántica. 

Con excursiones Marrakech Hay innumerables oportunidades en términos de días de viaje, desde los recorridos por el desierto de Marrakech de 2 días a 5 días, y en función de qué desierto elegir, ya que hay dunas de Erg Chebbi o Erg Chigaga, con un montón de Kasbahs, valles oasis y cañones.

Marrakech desert tours 4 days with your kids? Yes!

Kids tend to make things better. They brighten up our days and they certainly know how to make us feel more joyous. What you’re about to read is a win-win situation. The kids will get to have a blast, and you’ll get to experience the joy of traveling with your children.

You’ll have us to cater to your needs. Every necessity will be provided, and you won’t have to worry about a thing. But, there are some things that can not be controlled by us. So, take the following into consideration;

The first and most important thing to know is that there’s going to be quite a lot of driving. The driving experience is indeed wonderful. You’ll get to see Morocco’s outskirts and the high Atlas Mountains. However, kids that aren’t used to traveling for hours in a car will have a hard time coping. There will be pit-stops, but you should know if your children can handle it.

Secondly, it’s recommended that you check the temperature for your Morocco desert tours – your guide will happily assist you on this matter. As sometimes,  in the summer, it can get as high as 110F during the day and 70F-ish at night.

Unlike many ‘tour operators’, you’ll be quoted the price before you embark on your journey. There’s nothing to be worried about when it gets to payments. We’re flexible, understanding, and secure.

Another issue that you might face is your kid getting dulled out by the driving. You’re going to want to pack some offline entertainment. A deck of cards, toys if you’re traveling with younglings, or simply some crayons and a notepad. We love seeing young art, and with a place like Morocco, they’ll definitely be inspired. Do not rely on your DS’ and tablets, their batteries will eventually drain.

You’re visiting the desert, and camel trekking is an essential part of the experience. It is important to note that children may not ride on their own. A parent or legal guardian must always ride with them. The same goes for excursions outside the Marrakech desert tours 4 days.

It’s nighttime, you’ve wandered the desert, seen Berber villages, rode up the highest sand dune and witnessed the gorgeous sunset. Now it’s time for a different kind of relaxation – a cosy night under the starlit skies of the desert. There’s going to be a feast, and this might create a new issue. Usually for dinner, you’ll be served with a traditional Moroccan tagine. It consists of tagine chicken/meat and vegetables. Many kids tend to not welcome Moroccan cuisine with an open heart or rather… mouth. So, snacks are in order. Make sure to pack some snacks for your kids in case they do not feel the Moroccan vibe. When it gets to your enjoyment, we’re certain that you’re going to love it! But, we’re being safe here.

The whole group will be provided with comfortable bedding and cozy blankets. It does get cold at night, you’re going to need every blanket you can get – and we’ll get you plenty.

Bottom line is, traveling with kids is amazing. Your experience in Morocco will be twice as fun. Exploring new things as a family brings you closer together, and builds new foundations. Who better to organise your family adventure than the ones who cherish family travels. You’ll have a magical time on our Marrakech desert tours 4 days. Unforgettable moments, countless adventures, and a new learning curve for the kids. Join us, live a new experience, and share your joy with the next generation.



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