8 Cultural events that define Hong Kongers

Hong Kong is a city marked with a couple of Chinese cultural events in every calendar year. However, every event is organized in different seasons and different destinations depending on the purpose of events like religious, cultural, among others.

All these events make the City activity-filled vacation. While planning for the upcoming holiday tour to Hong Kong, you need to know some of these cultural events. Therefore, click here to check the Hong Kong flights to secure your chance in attending to some of these Amazing Hong Kongers cultural events. 

  1. Hong Kong Arts Festival

This is one of Hong Kong’s best cultural events hosted in the Chinese land.  The festival is mainly attended by most of the artists within mainland China, Hong Kong city, and even artists from the rest of the world. Since the festival is primarily marked by 80% of the artists, the whole festival is accompanied by amazing presentations such as drama, dancing, Chinese, and western classical music marks the event.

However, this makes many people from every corner of the world flock to this City to form part of the Hong Kong Arts Festival.  Therefore, when planning to have a Hong Kong trip, this is the right time to carry on your journey.

  1. Le French May

Are you looking forward to attending an event in Hong Kong? If yes, then Le French May festival becomes a must-attend event. The event is annually organized by the French Embassy based in Hong Kong to mark the French culture in Hong Kong. Therefore, during the festival, French culture dominates Hong Kong’s land. 

 However, what makes many people love attending this Le French may is that the festival is accompanied by a lot of entertainment such as Opera, cinema, Cultural dance, among others. Moreover, the delicious French dishes and drinks are well prepared to ensure everyone who attends the festival has a memorable encounter with French Dishes.

To become part and parcel of the Le French May celebration, ensure you book a chance as early as possible.

  1. Lunar New Year Fair

This is one of the famous cultural events in Hong Kong. It is considered flower day since, during this event; different flowers are displayed in the whole of Hong Kong streets.  Besides, the event is not only marked by Celebration, but it is the selling day for a couple of flowers such as peach, peony, chrysanthemum, among others.

Moreover, for the Hong Kongers, the event is displayed on the open grounds of Victoria Park and Fa Hui Park, where people turn up in large numbers to mark the New Year celebration. However, if you intend to attend this Hong Kongers cultural event, then make prior bookings to secure the chance to participate in the event.

  1. Freespace Fest

This is the event that defines real Hong Kongers’ culture. It is one of the outdoor festivals held at the Charming West Kowloon waterfront Promenade. The event is accompanied by the reading of Cantonese Poetry, selling off the Chinese handicraft items, among others.

Besides, the entertainment slots are given out by the top international artists such as Orange mike and DJ Rupture. They offer tremendous performance leaving their audience in a terrific mood. This is the best festival in Hong Kong that you should ensure you attend.

  1. Lantern Festival Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city well known for having a couple of cultural festivals. Lantern Festival Hong Kong is a fantastic Chinese festival that you must attend. This Lantern Festival marks the final day of Hong Kong New Year celebrations. 

The whole of the event is marked with eating and drinking, where you will likely meet some of the traditional Chinese dishes.  As one of the best Hong Kongers festivals, many people choke to secure a place in a part of this festival. Therefore, to ensure you secure a chance at the festival, make before the festival, make bookings as early as possible.

  1. Clockenflap Cultural Festival

Clockenflap festival is the most exciting event that brings most Hong Kongers together. The event itself entails the music fest where Hong Kongers get the chance to have music entertainment from the top-class musical bands and artists. Being that the festival is attended by many people from every corner of the world, it is held at a high and open place where people will have free space to participate in dancing. 

What many people come to this event is that, along with the festival are different restaurants and hotels offer delicious cultural food that will ensure you feed before or after attending the event. Also, they provide top class accommodations that will ensure you have enough rest after the long hours of dancing.

  1. Chinese New Year festival

For any other significant day in Hong Kong, the Chinese New Year celebration becomes one of the best holidays in the city. During this festival, the entire city of Hong Kong is well decorated with beautiful flowers and other decorations. Moreover, the festival is marked with all kinds of Hong Kongers’ traditional foods.  Therefore, if you intend to have a taste of the Chinese dishes, then this is the day where you will have to enjoy. 

Nevertheless, the Chinese new festival includes the flower selling day. In every corner of Hong Kong city, you are likely to find any of your favorite flowers. Also, the children playing grounds are well equipped with all children fun equipment only to ensure your kids form part of Festival celebrations.

  1. Cheung Chau Bun Cultural Festival

This is one of the must-attend Hong Kongers cultural festivals. The festival marks the religion’s celebration in favor of the birth of Buddha.  During this event, many of the Hong kongers turn up in streets in costumes representing the honor of their religion Buddha.

The festivals attract many tourists from every corner of the world to form part of the celebration. What makes the event much attractive is the burning of Kwon Kam Kee, which is adored by all Chinese people. While you intend to have a vacation in Hong Kong, then make your visit during this fantastic cultural festival.