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Email Marketing Tips to Consider in 2019

Email is one of the reliable and conventional marketing tools. The technique will help to grow your small business by generating quality leads – APT212. Do you know profitable leads are the utmost necessity of any business?

The technique assists in converting prospective consumers into clients. This is what you should do: Apply relevant email marketing tips.

Essential Email Marketing Tips

Studies show that email marketing is the most lucrative channel in driving revenue and sales. Small business owners need cost-effective and simple ways of generating revenue. Aren’t you aware various marketing channels promise impressive ROI and easy-to-use tools?

But none compares to email marketing. Let me take you via 7 email marketing tips that will aid in expanding your small business.

1# Create Mobile-Friendly Emails

Do you want to drive revenue through your email? Subscribers must open, click, and purchase. The initial thing to consider is the look of your message in mobile devices. Subscribers should read clear messages on a tablet or Smartphone as they do with a desktop or laptop – APT212

2# Personalize Your Email

With small business owners strapped for time, it’s tempting to send similar messages to all the subscribers on the list. Use a few clicks to personalize your email promoting the campaign. Targeted personalization increases client engagement. With an engaged list, there’re higher chances of driving revenue. 

3# Segment Your Contacts

It’s often challenging to personalize the content of every email. What should you do? Segment your list to hone the importance of your email promotion. Segmentation entails splitting your email catalog into groups according to behavior or demographics. 

For instance, you can categorize your list on location, sex, income, and age. You might decide to split by behavior, for instance, products purchased in the past or internet browsing activities – APT212.

4# Automate Certain Emails

Are you planning on how to write a marketing email and reclaim your time? You need to automate some of the emails. Some firms, however, keep away from the technique.

But on a basic level, you deliver stunning emails. When a subscriber joins your list, it’s an indication they have interest in your product. You need to connect with the potential customer quickly.

5# Monitor Metrics and Adjust 

When dealing with email marketing, metrics portray what’s working and what doesn’t. Small business owners should keep an eye on the subsequent three metrics.

As you understand the metrics more, there’s a need for more in-depth statistics. We recommend you sync your email with Google Analytics.

6# Split Testing Of the Mail

Over the years, this has gained the right momentum in online advertising. Split testing, also known as A/B testing offers an alternative to compare two versions of the web page. That’s the version page and the controlled one.

Any variation is afterward resolved. Split testing assists in reducing guesswork and provides a detailed road map for the needed changes – APT212.

7# Consistency

In most cases, you can’t create an impression by one attempt. As a marketer, you want to leave a mark in the minds of clients. By using legitimate options, you overcome the challenge of spammers. 

Constant posting of relevant data leads to a higher number of sales. For differentiation, you should know your target audience. Different niches use varying tactics. For instance, blog content is different from that in an e-commerce site.

End Result

Email marketing isn’t complicated if you can connect at interest-level with your subscribers. By following the email marketing tips above, you can personalize emails and boost your ROI – APT212. 

Is Cancun Safe in 2019?

Your wedding day should be one of the highlights of your life. One of the most incredible moments you will ever experience. So when one of my friends mentioned he and his wife got married just outside of Cancun in 2011, I thought to myself, “Beautiful location, but wasn’t there the concern of crime and violence?”

I am sure he was well aware of the current stigma regarding Cancun, but I kept my mouth shut as I wanted him to maintain the incredible memory he has of his wedding day under the palm trees, fine white sand sinking between his toes and the melodic sound of waves crashing in the background. It was at this point I realized that I really don’t know what is happening in Cancun and why the city has such a bad reputation. I decided to dive into the rabbit hole known as the internet and do a little research of my own…

Sifting through numerous articles, videos and forums, I found a wide range of information and opinions. It wasn’t until I came across a post titled Is Cancun Safe in 2019? when all the pieces fell into place. The first question I asked myself was, “In 2011, when my friend got married, was Cancun a safe place?” While the aggressive campaign targeted against drug cartels began in 2006, Cancun still remained relatively untouched from cartel activity and violence in 2011. Any cartel activity that was found in Cancun was far away from the main tourist areas. So first question answered, my friend’s wedding wasn’t overshadowed by potential crime and violence!

Next, I wanted to know if Cancun is safe right now. While cartel activity has increased in recent years, the famous Cancun Hotel Zone remains a very safe destination. The majority of the fighting and violence between cartel members happens on the outskirts of the city. With tourism being the countries primary source of income, the government has ensured that tourist areas remain safe. There are police who patrol the area day and night, and with Zona Hotelera being a one entry, one exit design, it remains very easy to secure the area.

Sure, it could be unnerving to see armed policeman wandering around during your vacation to Cancun, but is that not similar to police patrolling the streets in your hometown? Very few instances of violence happen in the tourist areas, and that is due to many factors, one of them being the police presence in the area.

At the end of the day, my friend enjoyed his wedding day along the pristine beaches of Cancun in 2011, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do the same myself in 2019!